Supine Gentle Twist

Six Yoga Poses for a Refreshing Full Body Stretch

Our bodies always feel better at the end of the day when we make time for moving and stretching. This blog outlines a set of accessible yoga poses that together provide a relaxing and refreshing full body release — and that you can fit into even the busiest day. Also check out my free 20 minute “Refreshing Full Body Yoga Stretch” video on the Yoga At Your Door YouTube Channel to experience the benefits of these poses first hand.

The recommended postures target four lines of connective tissue in the body: the frontline, backline, lateral lines and spiral line. The final set of recommended postures address the hips, which can become tight from too much sitting. This can cause lower back and knee pain if neglected.

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How to Create A Om-azing Home Yoga Space

During the pandemic, many yoga students practiced from home via livestream classes and on-demand class platforms. One of the benefits of practicing from home is that students are able to practice more frequently and consistently. Many of us are now getting back to our favorite studios, but some of us will continue to practice from home or find a balance between home and studio classes. This blog offers tips for setting up a tranquil, safe yoga space at home, for the days you can’t make it to the sanctuary of your local yoga studio.

I know a thing or two about creating yoga spaces because I designed my yoga studio! Yoga Next Door started in my living room and then moved to our three season porch. After a year we expanded the porch into a full size yoga studio. These suggestions stem from the experience of designing my space which my students call “beautiful” and “healing” and knowledge of what students need to practice effectively as a yoga teacher.

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Finding Our Way to Health & Balance

Ah the Winter Solstice and New Year, a time of increased energy and hope. Resolutions are set in January and new habits and self care practices are formed. Maybe you did a 30 day yoga or meditation challenge or went for a walk every day. At the end of January I invite you to hit “pause,” to reflect on what you learned and how to move forward. This blog explores how to (1) maintain your New Year’s self care resolutions, and (2) deepen your wellness practices if you are ready. Discovering my self care balance – a combination of yoga, meditation, diet, sleep and listening to my body – has changed my life.

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Five Game Changing Benefits of Yoga Every Day

Developing a daily yoga practice deeply changed my life. I say that not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a mom of three and a naturally anxious person. A daily practice is accessible to anyone with the discipline to make it happen. In this blog I explain: why yoga now, how to make your practice manageable, and the top 5 benefits of a daily practice. Developing a daily yoga practice can make you stronger, stand taller, more focused and feel better physically and emotionally.

Why Increase Your Practice in Such A Challenging Time?

We’ve had a challenging couple of years dealing with Covid-19. If you’ve been waiting to start yoga, exercise or increase your practice until after the pandemic, stop waiting! We have to take the time to breathe, move, focus our minds and rest. This is how we can manage our emotions and energy daily and throughout the year.

Expand Your Definition of Yoga

The first step is to broaden your definition of yoga. A daily yoga practice (for most of us) is not a 60 minute sweaty Vinyasa class every day. Rather, it is breathwork, meditation, and any amount of time spent practicing the asana or postures. Your daily practice could be a mediation session, a couple of Sun Salutations, Chair Yoga stretches at your desk, a 20-30 minute flow, or a full 60 to 90 minute class. Having a shorter practice is better than having no practice at all. As the husband of one of my regular students said, “the benefits to her making the time for her yoga practice outweigh not taking the time to do it.”

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Build a Restorative Practice at hOMe This Winter

I always recommend Restorative Yoga between the start of daylights saving time and the Winter Solstice. This is the time of year that our energy levels are lowest (especially for those of us in New England), and there is more on our plates with the holidays. Restorative Yoga is a practice of deep relaxation and rest. A Restorative Yoga practice helps calm the nervous system and release tension from the body. The ongoing pandemic is taking a toll. We are feeling the emotional effects of decreased community activity and lack of contact with extended family. I encourage you to explore making Restorative Yoga part of your self care and stress management routine this winter. Now more than ever, it is important to hit pause, turn inward, rest and heal so we can keep managing it all and stay healthy in the year ahead.

While students are still welcome to practice Restorative in the studio, some are livestreaming Restorative classes or accessing the recordings. We ALL have things from around our houses that we can use to have a great Restorative Yoga practice at home. Household items you can use for a home practice and my favorite “real” Restorative Yoga props are outlined in this blog. Maybe you will add a Restorative prop to your holiday wish list, or give the gift of a prop and a Restorative Yoga gift card to a loved one this holiday season.

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