About Yoga Next Door & Teacher Bios

Welcome to Yoga Next Door

Yoga Next Door is Jessica Petrie’s hOMe yoga studio located in North Yarmouth Maine.  The studio provides Jessica a space to share her passion for and knowledge of yoga with others.  In 2020 Jessica took her yoga classes online, offering live online classes as well as recordings on her Yoga At Your Door Class Library. The online content allows Jessica to easily provide access to the calming and healing benefits of yoga to students near and far. Jessica also provides corporate services, helping companies both support remote workers and host virtual conferences. In addition, she hosts yoga retreats in the summer at Bustins Island in Casco Bay Maine, and cross country skiing/yoga retreats in North Yarmouth in the winter (see the Retreats pages for details).

Jessica’s Vinyasa Yoga classes are a balance of yoga philosophy, breath work, movement, stretching and strengthening. Jessica’s classes use lots of props to support modifications as people begin and advance in their practice. Each class is tailored to the ability levels and progress of the participants. Beginners are welcome!

Teacher Bios

Jessica Petrie (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) ~ Owner

Jessica has been practicing yoga for 20 years. At age 40,  she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training with Katie O’Connell of Dragonfly Yoga in North Sandwich, New Hampshire in 2018. Jessica has also done Restorative Yoga training with Robin Ivy Patton in Maine and “Smart & Creative Yoga Sequencing” with Rocky Heron and Trina Altman’s “Yoga Deconstructed Creative Sequencing with Somatics” training both through Yoga International. Jessica finished her 300 hour Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training with Rolf Gates in 2021. Most recently she completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Foundations Module training with the Josh Summers School of Yin Yoga.

When you experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga it inspires you to share yoga with others. My grandmother used to read me Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. The main message of the book is to do something with your life to make the world more beautiful. Ms. Rumphius plants lupines; I am sharing yoga with others to help make my community a more beautiful, calm, and compassionate place.”

Owner Jessica Petrie, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher

Jessica’s Yoga Journey: “I began practicing hot Birkam yoga daily with Mary Jarvis in San Francisco in my 20s. I loved the physicality of the practice, and the focus and concentration required to hold and deepen the postures in the heat. In my 30s I had my three boys and squeezed in yoga when I could. During my third pregnancy, I injured the lining of my spinal cord & subsequently my left hip. I was not able to function without pain for years after my youngest son was born. I did physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone shots & deep needling, which helped to varying degrees. Despite my physical discomfort and the demands of having young children, I kept coming back to the yoga mat & pursed my yoga teacher training (YTT). YTT gave me a consistent yoga asana practice – moving and stretching my body daily – which led to incremental gains in mobility, decreased pain and significant improvements in range of motion over time. Meditating daily brought new levels of calm to my parenting and concentration to my work. YTT also introduced me to the mental and spiritual side of yoga. Addressing my mental blocks and using positive Mantras led to additional breakthroughs in my healing. In the role of yoga teacher, my body has realized its full capacity again without my mind getting in the way. I am fully present when I am teaching yoga.

The Yoga Next Door Story

In the spring of 2018 Jessica started teaching Yoga Next Door classes in her living room.  The response was positive, so she offered classes for six students at a time on the four-season porch the following fall. The Petries renovated the porch, turning it into a full yoga studio the summer of 2019 to accommodate the growing number of Yoga Next Door students. The new studio opened fall of 2019. The Coronavirus of 2020 led Jessica to take all her classes online, offering live-stream classes, video recordings and memberships to her library of class recordings.  She also launched the Yoga At Your Door YouTube Channel to offer students anywhere free Yoga Breaks.

INTERVIEW: Curious how Yoga Next Door has navigated the conditions of the pandemic? Please check out this interview I did with WordPress.com in June 2020. Since then I have added a second WordPress site to house the Class Library. This interview also captures the story of how Yoga Next Door came to be.

BLOG & INTERVIEW: At the end of September 2020 Jessica was interviewed by Soutiens about how working, home-schooling parents can find time to fit yoga and self care into their routines. They also discussed the benefits of yoga for parents and in the workplace. Soutiens helps progressive companies empower expectant and working parents to succeed by supporting working parents and the companies that value them. Watch the interview on the Soutiens YouTube Channel or click here to read the blog: Caring for Working Parents: Incorporating Yoga Into Your Work Day