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Yoga At Your Door Class Library

The Class Library houses over 100 Yoga At Your Door classes and counting, new content is added monthly.   The Class Library includes full Vinyasa, Gentle/Beginner and Chair Vinyasa classes and also features shorter 30 minute or less “Yoga Breaks” for the days you don’t have time for a full practice. For less than $30 a month the Annual Membership gives you access to Yoga At Your Door classes on-demand and the ability to practice your favorite flows more than once. For $1 a day you can sign up for a monthly recurring or three month membership.

“I have tried a number of online yoga classes since the start of the pandemic, and yours is my favorite by far.  You make the experience very easy for the end-user, with your Class Library so organized. The classes themselves, AND the 30 Day Challenges are really wonderful!” – LD

“I have been a regular user of the class library for almost three months now, and am so grateful to have a way to practice yoga when it best fits my schedule. There are so many different classes to choose from, and the Yoga Breaks are excellent for those days when you just can’t make an hour work. Thank you Jessie!!” – MH


When you purchase a monthly, three month or annual membership to the Yoga At Your Door Class Library access will not be immediately granted. Within 12 hours you will receive an email from Yoga Next Door & WordPress with instructions on how to set up your account and access the video library on the Members Site.

Monthly Reoccurring Class Library Membership

Sign up for the monthly recurring subscription to the Yoga At Your Door Class Library here. For $30 a month, or $1 a day, members can access 60 & 30 minute Yoga Next Door Videos on-demand whenever works best for your schedule.

“I’m getting the Annual Membership to the Yoga At Your Door Class Library because I’ve tried many YouTube yogis and none of them are YOU!” – GT

One, Three & Twelve Month Class Library Memberships

1 Month Membership


3 Month Membership


Annual Membership


Yoga Every Day Challenge! $30 for 30 days

Would you like to to experience the benefits of a daily yoga practice? Try the Yoga Next Door 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Participants are sent a PDF with 30 recommended practices from the Yoga At Your Door Class Library. The practices are broken into five seven day worksheets. Each week offers a mix of all levels full 60 minute classes, shorter 15-30 minute classes and a meditation day. You choose which day you practice each flow and you can substitute your regular weekly live classes for any of the suggested 60 minute classes. If you are already a Yoga At Your Door Class Library member just email to access the 30 Day Challenge content. If you are not already a Class Library member sign up here for one month for $30.

30 Day Yoga At Your Door Challenge

30 days of access to the Yoga At Your Door Class Library and 30 recommended practices.


Learn More About The Benefits of Yoga Everyday

Developing a daily yoga practice can make you stronger, stand taller, more focused and feel better physically and emotionally. Please check out my blog on this topic – “5 Game Changing Benefits of Yoga Every Day”.

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