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Five Game Changing Benefits of Yoga Every Day

Developing a daily yoga practice profoundly influenced my life. I say that not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a mom of three and a naturally anxious person. A daily practice is accessible to anyone with the discipline to make it happen. In this blog I explain: why yoga now, how to make…

Healthy Habits That Improve Well-Being

This blog explores five healthy habits (listening to your body, physical activity, eating well, spending time outside, and sleep) that will bring more balance to your life and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Incorporating healthy habits into your days can decrease pain and stiffness, improve strength, energy, calm, focus, and happiness.

Build a Restorative Practice at hOMe This Winter

I always recommend Restorative Yoga between the start of daylights saving time and the Winter Solstice. Restorative Yoga is a practice of deep relaxation and rest. A Restorative Yoga practice helps calm the nervous system and release tension from the body. We ALL have things from around our house that we can use to have…

Six Yoga Poses for a Refreshing Full Body Stretch

This blog outlines a set of accessible yoga poses that together provide a relaxing and refreshing full body release. The recommended postures target the hips and four lines of connective tissue (or fascia) in the body: the frontline, backline, lateral lines and spiral line. Opening the hips and major lines of connective tissue daily decreases…

How to Create A Om-azing Home Yoga Space

This blog offers tips for setting up a tranquil, safe yoga space at home. I designed my yoga studio which is attached to my house. I hope these tips for creating a home yoga space help you on your way to a consistent, effective, safe yoga practice in the comfort of your hOMe.