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Yoga Next Door 2020-19

Zoom to a Yoga Next Door class anytime from the comfort of your hOMe. Jessica is now live streaming all her weekly classes through the online meeting platform Zoom (see “Schedule & Class Descriptions” page to find a class).  Please email Yoga Next Door if you would like to participate in a online class and we will send you the link and password. See “Rates & Payment” page for pricing and to purchase a pass.

Prior to participating in a Yoga At Your Door online class or accessing a recording you must complete a waiver.

Weekly Zoom Recordings List

Yoga At Your Door is maintaining a library of recorded 60 minute Vinyasa classes each week.  If you are unable to attend a class in the studio or live online you can request a video recording.  The link to the video recording will be available for four days.  The cost for each recorded class is $10.00. Please email Yoga Next Door to request a class video link.

Current Zoom Recordings List 

Gentle Yoga:

  • Gentle 4D Hip Mobility Flow – This Gentle Beginner level class builds mobility and flexibility in the hips by exploring lifting/flexion, opening to the side/external rotation, extending back/Extension and stacking the hip joints. These motions are explored seated, kneeling and standing. The standing postures are balance postures so I recommend setting your mat up next to a wall or having a chair nearby for extra grounding if you need it. The peak pose of this class is Half Moon supported by the wall. Once the hips are nice and warm the class closes with Pigeon pose. (Expires 4/18/21)
  • Gentle Hip Glide Somatic Flow – This beginner level Gentle class uses a Somatic approach to preparing the hips for Warrior One pose. Somatics involve starting with small repetitive motions and then progressing and growing a movement pattern in the body. The class begins with some internal hip rotation and twisting work on the mat. The standing, flowing portion of the class involves gliding the pelvis open to the side and then forward facing with the hands on the hips and then by adding parallel arm sweeping motions. (Expires 4/22/21)

Vinyasa Flow:

  • Progressive Triangle Vinyasa Flow – I love this intermediate level Vinyasa flow class that works up to a Revolved Triangle pose. Triangle is a spacious pose that requires strength, this class enhances that work with twists. The other unique element of this class is rising into Triangle pose from the ground up. You may find you can get your bottom hand lower to the ground or your foot if you rise into your posture rather than bend into it. (Expires 4/19/21)
  • 4/D Hip Mobility Slow Flow – This is the Slow Flow version of the Gentle class described above. (Expires 4/18/21)
  • Put it in Reverse Crow Flow – This intermediate level class prepares the body for Crow pose. This class includes Malasana/Squat pose and various versions of Lizard & Down Dog Lunge to prepare the hips, spine and core for Crow. This flow includes Chaturanga holds to build the upper body strength required for Crow pose. The other fun feature of this class is walking back to the feet with the hands for Uttanasana forward fold and out for Plank Pose. (Expires 4/21/21)

Restorative & Yin Yoga – 60 minute recordings of the weekly Restorative & Yin Yoga classes are now available (see Schedule & Class Descriptions page for more information). If you have two yoga blocks, two blankets, two bolsters and and eye pillow at home you are ready to go for Restorative. Email jessie@ for prop substitute ideas.

Workplace & Corporate Yoga

Jessica provides custom services to help companies and organizations both support remote workers and enrich virtual conferences with live-stream yoga sessions. For instance, this includes weekly and monthly live-stream yoga classes to corporate teams to promote well-being on a consistent basis. Please contact Yoga Next Door to learn more about our flexible pricing for Corporate Services.


“Our organization, Jumpstart for Young Children, was fortunate enough to have Jessica provide a session for our staff that helped us understand the benefits of taking a break during the work day, and then led us through a series of stretches we could do around our desks (in our home offices). It was perfectly fitting for our group, and accessible for everyone in the organization. I would recommend her classes for any business looking to help support their staff and invest in the health and well being of their employees.” – JT

I work for a local healthcare company on the administrative side. We have transitioned to doing a lot of our work virtually, which has actually made me feel much more sedentary. I don’t have to walk to meetings anymore and I start to feel restless after sitting at my desk all day. Jessie started doing chair yoga, or “choga” as we call it, a few months ago and our team loves it! We have people of all fitness levels in our department and we have all found Jessie’s classes to be accessible and helpful. She is great at introducing poses that can be altered to your fitness level and using readily available props, and being able to quickly have a Zoom meeting with our team working partially at home and partially in the office is phenomenal. We love our Choga time with Yoga Next Door!” – MS