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Yoga Next Door 2020-19

Zoom to a Yoga Next Door class anytime from the comfort of your hOMe. Jessica is now live streaming all her weekly classes through the online meeting platform Zoom (see “Schedule & Class Descriptions” page to find a class).  Please email Yoga Next Door if you would like to participate in a online class and we will send you the link and password. See “Rates & Payment” page for pricing and to purchase a pass.

Prior to participating in a Yoga At Your Door online class or accessing a recording you must complete a waiver.

If you haven’t tried Jessie’s yoga classes yet, do it!  She is wonderful and makes it so easy to help find a bit of physical and mental calm & clarity among all the crazy. I am very much a beginner and had been going to weekly classes at the studio, she now teachers her classes virtually via Zoom. I couldn’t connect on Monday at 9:00am, so I got the recording and slipped it in on Thursday afternoon. Total flexibility!” – MTM

Weekly Zoom Recordings List

Yoga At Your Door is maintaining a library of recorded 60 minute Vinyasa classes each week.  If you are unable to attend a class in the studio or live online you can request a video recording.  The link to the video recording will be available for four days.  The cost for each recorded class is $10.00. Please email Yoga Next Door to request a class video link.

Gentle Yoga:

  • Gentle Frontline Opening Flow with Aleksandra – This week Aleksandra’s Gentle Yoga class focused on opening the frontline of the body. The flow included half and full Floor Bow poses and Dancer. (Expires 5/9/21)
  • Gentle Full Body Flow with Jessie – This beginner level class is a calming full body experience. This flow includes Sun Salutation Bs to open the front and backlines of the body and build heat with twisting Chair poses. The standing sequence includes Warrior Three and Pyramid poses with block support. The class concludes with Pigeon and Legs Up the Wall poses. (Expires 5/13/21)

Vinyasa Flow with Jessie:

  • Vinyasa Opening the Lines of the Body Flow – This class was designed to open all the lines of the connective tissue in the body – front, back, side, spiral and deep front line. This sequence includes new Step Back Sun Salutations. The warm up and flow work up to Revolved Side Angle, Eagle and Camel poses. The cool down includes Fallen Triangle on a block. (Expires 5/12/21)

Additional 60 Minute Class Recordings Available Weekly:

  • Restorative Yoga with Jessie -If you have two yoga blocks, two blankets, two bolsters and and eye pillow at home you are ready to go for Restorative. Email jessie@ for prop substitute ideas.
  • Chair Yoga with Jessie – See Class Descriptions page
  • Yin Yoga with Meghan – See Class Descriptions page
  • Power Yoga with Kasey – See Class Descriptions page

Yoga At Your Door Class Library

Jessica’s has created a Class Library that houses 90 all levels classes and counting, new content is added weekly.   The Class Library includes full 60 minute Vinyasa, Gentle/Beginner and Chair Vinyasa classes. The Library also features shorter 30 minute or less “Yoga Breaks” for the days you don’t have time for a full practice.

For less than $30 a month the Annual Membership gives you access to Yoga At Your Door classes on demand and the ability to practice your favorite flows more than once. For $1 a day you can sign up for a monthly reoccurring or three month membership.

“During this unsettled time in our lives it has been great to have your classes right in my living room. It has been welcomed both mentally and physically.  The routine of my Monday and Wednesday classes have been a touchstone for me and have inspired me to have a daily practice these past couple of weeks.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise.” – SH

“These days have been wild and uncertain; learning that your offerings are going online is such a silver lining! I’m thrilled that I can access your classes from Colorado now as I so enjoyed practicing with you when I was home visiting my family…I can’t wait to practice with you again, both virtually and in person.” – RH