Yoga Next Door Retreats

Jessica offers yoga retreats in North Yarmouth and on Bustins Island in Casco Bay Maine. The winter retreats are a combination of yoga and cross country skiing at Pineland Farms.

Yoga Next Door Retreats Include:

  • Four 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga classes.
  • Meals sourced from organic Maine farmers and prepared by Gail Taisey of Pear Blossom Farm.
  • Island accomodations in beautiful rustic Maine cottages with ocean views. Most guests stay in shared rooms; with 2 guests per room in twin beds. Three single rooms are available.
  • Parking on the mainland in walking distance to the dock & round trip ferry tickets.

Guests arrive early Friday afternoon.  Friday of the retreats includes intention setting, an afternoon yoga session, and full dinner. The schedule Saturday features a morning yoga session, large brunch, time to explore and enjoy the island or cross-country ski, a mid-afternoon snack and a late day yoga session followed by dinner. The retreats conclude with a Sunday morning yoga session and brunch.

Massages with Laura Share of Elemental Work ( are available Saturday and Sunday afternoons by request (extra cost $100). Reiki Treatments by Reiki Master Meghan MacDonald are also available by request on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (extra cost $80).

Retreat Guest Feedback

  • The Winter Reset Retreat “Was wonderful! I’m so glad I was there to partake in all the yoga, fresh air sunshine, delicious food and fellowship… I was glowing and refreshed the following day. You are a great hostess in addition to being an exceptional yoga instructor.” – 2020 Retreat Guest
  • The yoga classes were “Excellent, the right length & style. I loved how the classes were structured to build on poses before and had many repetitive elements, this helped make it almost meditative.”  – 2019 Retreat Guest
  • “I loved the focus on the Chakras to build a continuous practice over the weekend. I deeply appreciated the reading and ritual of the essential oils, excellent way to create a container for the class. Jessie leads with calm, authenticity and care.  Bravo!”  2019 Retreat Guest
  • The Winter Reset Retreat was fantastic…..Was it a yoga retreat or a foodie fest? I’ll dream of the dessert at dinner forever. It was absolutely delicious and the presentation was exquisite. We certainly treated our bodies well today! Thank you!” – 2020 Retreat Guest
  • “Gail has an amazing ability to provide farm to table with ease and the food was wicked good!” –  2019 Retreat Guest
  • “I can’t say enough good things about the food. Amazing and so grateful for non dairy and gluten free options.” – 2019 Retreat Guest

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