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One of Jessica’s goals as a yoga teacher is to bring physically and logistically accessible yoga to her community. She uses a lot of props & modifications in her all levels classes which are now available in-person, live-stream and recorded. She also offers free 15 to 30 minute Yoga Breaks on the “Yoga At Your Door” YouTube Channel for those days you don’t have time for a 60 minute class. Trying a Yoga Break is a great way to experience Jessica’s teaching style before participating in a full length class. Here is a sampling of our Yoga Break content, visit the Yoga At Your Door YouTube Channel to view all of the Yoga Break mini classes.

It can be challenging to find time for yoga on a daily basis. This Yoga Break is for the days you only have 15 minutes to drop in, focus on the breath, move your body and stretch. This sequence includes four postures I think we should do everyday. 1)Cat/Cow Poses to move and stretch out the spine. 2) Down Dog which is excellent for opening the back side of the body. 3) Side bends in Reverse Warrior and Triangle Poses and seated. 4) Figure Four stretch on you back to provide hip opening. Add it a couple Child’s poses, Sun Salutations and Twists and you’ve got a mini practice :).

I have always loved Dancer pose! I began my journey with yoga practicing Bikram Yoga and I would look forward to practicing Dancer twice in every class. Dancer is a great pose for opening the back of the legs, shoulders and accessing a back bend/chest opener. Dancer requires focus and concentration to balance and progress in the pose. Last, Dancer is a great pose for practicing HUMILITY, if you fall out just hop back in and try again (just like me!). Yoga is a practice and the body and focus are different day to day.

This Yoga Break stretches and strengthens the hip in all directions – flexion, extension, adduction and abduction. The sequence is designed to use the strength of the muscles around the hip to flow seamlessly from posture to posture. If you love balance poses this is a great class for you! Balancing stretching with strengthening has helped me regain mobility in my hip after an injury.

This Yoga Breaks focuses on stretching and opening through the side body. This flow will bring you off the mat, changing your perception and giving your body different sensory input. A sticky yoga mat helps stabilize us in our postures, stepping off the mat provides novel strengthening and balance challenges. This flow will stimulate your mind and energize your body.