Weekly Class Schedule

All of Jessica’s classes are now live streamed through Zoom. Due to Covid, we are limited to four students in the studio at a time, so reserve your spot early! Your health and well being are our top priority if you practice at the studio. In addition to cleaning between classes, a HEPA air purifier has been installed. Students are required to bring their own mats, yoga straps and wear a mask while practicing. Yoga blocks & blankets are available and washed between classes.

Sunday4:30pmSlow Flow
Monday6:00amWake Up & Flow
Monday9:00amGentle/Beginner Yoga
Tuesday9:00amVinyasa Flow
Tuesday5:30pmSlow Flow
Wednesday6:00amWake Up & Flow
Wednesday9:00amChair Vinyasa
Wednesday5:30pmYin Yoga with Meghan
Thursday9:00amVinyasa Flow
Thursday5:30pmRestorative Yoga
Friday9:00amGentle/Beginner Yoga

Seven Days a Week ~ Choose Your Own Yoga Flow

In addition to joining a live Studio or online class you can select your own flow from the list of weekly class Zoom recordings or join the Yoga At Your Door Members Site to access Jessica’s class recordings library anytime, anywhere. These are great ways to customize your practice or practice a flow twice. 

Class Descriptions

Slow Flow

C. Downdog

Slow Flow combines the best aspects of Vinyasa Flow and Gentle Yoga. Slow Flow includes many of the same postures and transitions as a traditional Vinyasa Flow class but the pace is more moderate.  Slow Flow classes include longer holds with more time to work on alignment and strengthening.  Depending on the pose, longer holds also facilitate deeper stretching. Like Gentle Yoga a lot of emphasis is put on focusing on the breath in a Slow Flow class, which helps soothe the nervous system. The Slow Flow classes will leave you feeling limber, refreshed and calm.

Gentle & Beginner Yoga

Kev Child's pose

Some teachers say, “Gentle is the new advanced yoga.”  In the Yoga Next Door Gentle and Beginner Yoga classes we slow everything way down.  Moving through yoga postures or asanas more slowly allows students to turn inward and focus on breath work and concentration.  The Gentle class is great for beginners because we move at a pace that facilitates attention to alignment and learning the key poses of Vinyasa yoga.  Each Gentle class provides a mix of supine, seated and standing postures with transitions that are accessible to most bodies regardless of age or flexibility level.  The variety in these classes provide opportunities for stretching, strengthening and balance work with prop supports and modifications as needed.

Wake Up & Flow

You will not regret getting up early for this yoga class! The Wake Up & Flow classes incorporate stretching and opening postures to get the body moving in the morning and progress in to a moderate flow to get the oxygen flowing and your heart rate up.  This class is open to all level students and the flows incorporate modifications and challenges as needed. Starting the day with yoga, breathwork and meditation will enhance your energy and focus all day long.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa style yoga involves flowing through a series of postures or asanas. The Vinyasa classes are the most physically challenging classes offered at Yoga Next Door.  The pace of the Vinyasa classes is faster and designed to build more “heat” in the body while maintaining the ability to synchronize breath with movement.  These classes incorporate more transitions from the floor, or grounded positions, to standing positions; for example kicking into Warrior one from Downward Facing Dog.  The Vinyasa classes also incorporate balance poses and more advanced modifications and postures as students are ready for them.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a great way to continue to stretch, strengthen and work on alignment while being mindful and smart about our limitations. Doing yoga in a “chair provides a stable support allowing you to hold poses longer resulting in a deeper flexibility and strength.” – Delia Quigley. Chair Yoga classes include Cat, Cow and the motions of a Sun Salutation sitting in the chair or standing behind it and using the chair for balance and support. Poses usually done standing like Warrior 1 & 2, and Side Angle pose can also be done seated in a chair. Balance and strengthening poses like Warrior 3, Half Moon and Dancer can also be done using the chair as a support. These classes will incorporate some warm up and cool down stretches seated or supine on a yoga mat. These classes will mostly avoid table top position poses (on the hands and knees) and making lots of transitions on and off the floor.

All Levels Flow


Each “All Levels” class is designed to meet the ability levels and needs of the students enrolled in the class.  Multiple variations of poses are offered.  Challenges and more advanced versions of postures are provided to students who are ready for them. Modifications and supports are available as necessary as well.

Yin Yoga

MM Yin Pose

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative type of yoga. In Yin Yoga, the poses are typically held for three to five minutes or longer to target the connective tissues (such as the fascia & ligaments) rather than focusing on the muscles. All Yin poses are held on the floor. A Yin practice is a wonderful compliment to the active Yang Vinyasa classes offered at Yoga next Door. A Yin Yoga practice: calms the mind and body, reduces stress & anxiety, increases circulation, releases fascia which improves flexibility and improves joint mobility.

Restorative Yoga

S. Restore

Restorative Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that helps restore balance to the whole person. Restorative poses incorporate LOTS of PROPS to fully support the body physically and promote relaxation. Restorative Yoga uses restful postures, guided breathwork and meditations to calm the central nervous system and mind. With practice restorative yoga can change habitual mind and body patterns, facilitate emotional healing and increase self awareness and mindfulness.

Reiki Energy Work (offered in Studio Restorative Classes)

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.